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Since the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to hiring and training the best employees. Everyone on the EDGE team is enthusiastic and engaged, helping customers by providing face-to-face consultation sessions and providing insights into the opportunities home and building owners have for making their environment a place of relaxation, contentment and savings.

Quality Personnel & Expert Training

EDGE employs a staff over 60 people across five states, and we have over ten years of energy consulting experience performing ASHRAE, RESNET, BPI (and other) certified energy audits and related diagnostic building tests like duct blaster, blower door, and combustion safety tests throughout the MD, DC, and VA.

We have won numerous training grants over the years through workforce development programs, DOE training grants, and through state contracts. Today, we have dozens of BPI and RESNET certified individuals.

We have pioneered new building science credentials as they came out. For example, we have five BPI Quality Control Inspectors (QCI) on staff in addition to two employees becoming BPI Healthy Home Evaluators (HHE) in the recent pilot phase.

Performance Bonuses for EDGE Energy Installers

In 2012, we created a “STAR” bonus system where crew leaders and technicians could earn STARs assigned by our project managers after job post tests had been completed. STARs are paid out to installers once a month and can add up to hundreds of dollars during months of high volume and excellent posttests.

The purpose of the program is to create a profit share and to maintain high-quality air sealing and attention to detail on complex Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) projects at the crew level. The program has quickly taken off and is a highly sought-after perk by our staff. Thanks to our dedicated staff, EDGE has more top-notch air sealing jobs than any other contractor in the Maryland DHCD and LMI weatherization programs.

We have numerous attic weatherization technicians who have been with our company over nine years, and their retention and perseverance towards working in tough attic and crawlspaces conditions is a testament to the success of this program.

Equal Opportunity Employer

EDGE is an equal opportunity employer, and all of our workplace policies are distinctly outlined in our Employee Handbook. We treat all of our workers with the respect, fairness and appreciation that they deserve.

Vertical Integration Throughout EDGE Energy

We are not a pass-through contractor. We provide substantive leadership, program management, and technical oversight that ensures quality and success installations. This is a major difference between our company and much of the competition. We are a vertically integrated with master electrical, BPI and RESNET auditors, project managers, engineers and a diverse set of retrofit installers on staff.

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Due to the health and safety of our employees and customers, EDGE will be operating with minimum staffing thru April 13. Feel free to contact our office at (888) 586-3343.