Audits and ratings provide insights into the amount of energy loss occurring in your home or building.

Is Energy Loss Inevitable?

With the number of air leaks and amount of inadequate insulation in existing structures, it’s expected that your home or building needs to improve. A home energy audit or energy rating measures just how much energy loss is taking place and pinpoints exactly what areas need to be addressed.

A Desire to Improve Your Home

If you’re ready to improve your home and finally get comfortable, healthy and enjoy savings on energy bills year-round, we’re here to find out just what your home needs to improve and where.

Knowledge and Experience

Our team is comprised of experts who mentor younger staff members and teach them every step of the way. Your home audit or rating is performed by a professional who may have an apprentice that will be learning on the job. We triple check all of our measurements to ensure all the data is correct while respecting you, your family and your home.

Safety for You and Your Family

During our comprehensive inspection, we will test your home for hazardous substances, including lead and asbestos. We care about the safety of your family, so we test everything to help guarantee you’re living in a healthy environment.

Providing Answers

After our polite and skilled team performs all the scientific tests required in the audit or rating process, we provide you with an energy model. This gives you the answers you’re looking for about how to improve your home or building.

Creating a Plan

The results of our audit or rating allow us to design a plan tailored to your home or building. We prioritize all home upgrades that will have the biggest impact on bills and energy consumption.

Focusing on You

When you know just how much your home or building can improve with the required upgrades, EDGE works with you to begin the upgrade process. We want you to live in a healthy and comfortable space that allows you to save on unnecessarily high energy bills.

Our audit and rating process focuses on you, the building owner, to help you understand how your property can benefit from home upgrades. Contact us or call (888) 586-3343 to schedule your home energy audit or energy rating today!



Existing home owners generally prefer an BPI Energy Audit. The energy audit is a relatively inexpensive way for a homeowner to identify a prioritized list of energy improvements, building defects, health and safety concerns, and behavioral ways to be “green.” It is a less intense process than an energy rating, which is used for complicated financing like energy efficient mortgages or new construction.

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Every house leaks, and every house can benefit from basic upgrades, but some contractors exploit this fact to sell you their products. We are not in the business of selling insulation or windows or HVAC systems… we are in the business of creating energy efficient homes. When we do an energy audit, we don’t focus on particular products, we focus on your home — a collection of interdependent systems that need to be evaluated individually and as parts of the whole.

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We offer additional advanced home energy tests such as a solar PV site survey, indoor air quality test, power cost meter analysis, and calibrated duct leakage test to supplement your energy audit. If you are interested in any of the optional tests, contact us for more information and pricing. Be sure to check out the licenses and certifications page to view our licenses, affiliations, and qualifications.

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