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We are certified to provide energy assessments to organizations such as businesses, schools, churches, community centers, government agencies and mixed-use buildings.

A commercial energy audit will identify the places where you are using, or losing, the most energy—and thus indicate where to make the most cost-effective building efficiency improvements such as in lighting or HVAC systems.

Primary Objectives of a Commercial Energy Assessment

An EDGE Energy commercial energy assessment will:

  • Be compiled using computer modeling, thermal (IR) camera scans, blower door and duct leakage testing, and visual inspections of system functionality, outer building shell, window performance, insulation levels, and other building components
  • Target and model different retrofit scenarios to
  • Improve interior comfort, reduce air leakage, and develop a for plan mechanical system(s) efficiency
  • Prepare a work scope to implement suggestions from the assessment with return on investment (ROI) calculations for each suggested improvement
  • Be professionally presented to the building manager/board/committee at a final meeting, including an executive summary of findings.

Learn more about the methods we use in our commercial energy assessments: An EDGE Energy commercial energy assessment can include professional geothermal, solar and wind energy site surveys (implementation, cost and ROI, and preliminary feasibility studies).

Energy Assessment Levels

Level One – Basic:

Typically, a walkthrough assessment to evaluate conditions that affect the ability of the facility to use energy effectively includes an infrared and photo documentation of the exterior elevations and a cursory review of the historical energy consumption data to identify energy usage trends.

Level Two – Intermediate:

Investing additional effort in the building survey and energy analysis combined with critical system performance testing, this assessment provides a breakdown of how energy is used in the building as well as an expanded range of saving options, including capital investments. This level of assessment accounts for the building occupancy levels, explores maintenance procedures, and assesses possible impacts proposed savings measures may have on them.

Level Three – Advanced:

This analysis details large-scale remedial projects that may be a result of previous assessments. The collection of supplemental detailed data from building equipment along with extensive test measurements, which may include: spot-measurements, short-term energy monitoring and the assessment of possible risks will produce an economic analysis with reliable estimates of projected energy and financial performance.

Assessment Cost:

Contact Us online or call 888-586-3343 to schedule your energy assessment and get pricing details. Typically a site walk-through is required to prepare a work scope and develop pricing.

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