Energy Auditing Equipment:

  1. Infiltec E3 and Minneapolis Blower Doors (8 calibrated units) TestingEquip1
  2. Minneapolis Duct Blaster (2 calibrated units)
  3. HVAC duct airflow hood – Alnor Balometer (1 calibrated unit)
  4. SPI Infrared IR Cameras, FLIR i7 infrared cameras (4 units)
  5. DB3 Duct Blaster, bolometers, flow hood, and pressure pans
  6. TPI 775 Carbon Monoxide and Combustible Gas Leak Detector, Belt-mounted CO detector TestingEquip2
  7. Draft gauges, pinot tubes, manometers
  8. Bachrach Combustion Analyzer
  9. Smoke pen (with refill cartridges)
  10. Basic Hand and Power / Construction tools / Flashlight or headlamp
  11. Particulate respirators, booties, Tyvek suits
  12. Laser measurement device (or 25’ tape measure) TestingEquip3
  13. 12.5’ Telescoping Type II Ladder (Xtend & Climb)
  14. Computer or laptop / Digital camera
  15. Boroscope – Rigid “SeeSnake” Micro Inspection Camera
  16. Light meter / Circuit Tester / Moisture Meters
  17. Anemometer (Amprobe Anemometer Thermometer)
  18. KRYKARD Power & Harmonic Analyzer TestingEquip4
  19. KANE Flue Gas Analyzer
  20. TESTO 882 Thermal Imaging Camera
  21. TSI Anemometer
  22. METRIX Power Meter
  23. Extech Indoor Air Quality Meter
  24. EQUINOX Tachometer TestingEquip5
  25. METRAVI Lux meter
  26. RAYTEK Temperature gun
  27. GE Water flow meter

Specialty PC Software Applications:

  1. Retroficiency Commercial Auditing Software TestingEquip6
      • ASHRAE Levels I, II, and III
    1. Hancock Energy Auditing Software
    2. H.E.A.T. Energy Analysis, TREAT, NEAT database
  1. BEACON – Home Energy Auditing by ICF
  2. REM/rate for Energy Ratings by AES
  3. Optimiser – Home Energy Auditing software


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