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Thermography – Infrared Images

  • Use of electronic “cameras” to detect radiant energy or heat. Infrared (IR) irradiated energy is detected and converted by the camera into visual images corresponding to the temperature gradient. This produces a visual image called a thermogram – which allows us to Infer temperatures based on the amount of radiation detected, and the images shows heat pattern.
  • Powerful tool for machine and building predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Early detection of electrical or mechanical failures
  • Relative temperatures of zone heating and plumbing systems
  • Find ways to increase in production rates
  • Reduce maintenance costs of equipment or machinery
  • Extend asset life (less need for capital expenditure)
  • Reduce asset base i.e. spare parts
  • Increased product quality and consistency.

Indoor Air-Quality (IAQ)

  • IAQ is the nature of air that affects the health and well-being of occupants
  • IAQ is usually due to inadequate ventilation
  • Poor indoor air quality can contribute to allergies, asthma, and more serious long term health problems.
  • Identification of insufficient ventilation, poor indoor air quality
  • Assess Ventilation whether it’s adequate
  • Improve your air quality by knowing present level(s)

Vibration Analysis

  • Physical movement or oscillation of a mechanical part about a reference position.
  • Vibration is Wasted energy
  • Vibration is major cause of premature component failure
  • Vibration monitoring of all pumps and Motors
  • Recognizing machine defects such as Unbalance, Shaft misalignment, Looseness, Rolling element bearing defects, Gear problems

Power-Quality Audits

  • Power problem manifested in voltage, current, or frequency deviations that results in failure or miss operation of customer equipment
  • Power quality monitoring of MV panels, Floor distribution panels, Motor control Starter panels
  • Measurement of AC RMS voltage, RMS current, frequency, neutral current
  • Measurement of peak factor, K factor, short-term flicker, tangent factor
  • Measurement of phase unbalance for voltage and current
  • Measurement of harmonics up to level 30, overall harmonic distortion in voltage and current.
  • Measurement of active, reactive and apparent power per phase and their aggregate.

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