Energy audits are designed to teach you the many ways to live a healthier, safer, greener, and cheaper lifestyle by making cost-effective and health-improving retrofit to your home and its various systems.

We identify areas of your home that consume the most energy and identify spots that lose the most conditioned air through leaks, gaps, and other bypasses. Our energy audit will clearly pinpoint these problems and suggest the most effective measures to cut your energy costs.

During an Energy Audit, We Prioritize These Areas of Focus:

David Braggins performing an Energy Audit

Usage & Energy Bill Analysis:

We will ask to see your energy usage record (available from your local utilities) for the past 12-24 months. Comparing your actual usage with the expected usage (computer modeling) and local weather data, provides us yet another way to assess the overall efficiency of your home and its systems.

Building Envelope Inspections:

Blower Doors, zone pressure diagnostics, and infrared cameras used to create an air-sealing and insulation scope of work. This includes all areas of the home and specifically the attic, basement, and crawlspaces. Software modeling is conducted to analyze cost effectiveness of various improvements to these areas.

Combustion Safety & HVAC Systems:

Gas appliance inspection, Carbon Monoxide (CO) combustion safety testing, duct leakage inspection, indoor air-quality tests, ventilation systems check, HVAC register air-flow and balancing report.

Electrical & Appliances:

Create lighting and appliance survey, generate light bulb schedule and recommend low-wattage lighting retrofits that do not sacrifice color temperature or lumen output.

General Durability:

Inspection against 2009 building codes, check for construction defects, water management systems, windows and doors, siding, flashing, and painting.

Renewable Energy:

Feasibility Study with ROI estimate: determine access to renewable energy sources or whether existing systems in home are compatible. Includes solar PV, solar hot water, wind power, and geo-thermal systems.

Our Report Deliverable includes:

After completing an energy audit, we create a set of deliverables which is sent electronically and will be archived to retrieve at any point in the future. Once a scope of work is designed, numerous changes may result and some parts of the report or computer modelling may be tweaked to have all the data match.

All our home energy audit clients will receive:

  1. Executive Summary – Two-pages max, the bottom line of what major issues exist, how much it costs to fix them, and what expected energy savings or net cash flow could result from tackling the suggestions of the energy audit.
  2. Infrared (IR) Camera Study – Infrared and visual photos side by side with problems and solutions explained. Sample photos of corrective work from our archives may be included.
  3. Building Analysis – Detailed and customized results of our findings from the field data crunched through computer software modeling of your home
    • The type, size, condition and rate of energy consumption for each major energy-using item or system in a house.
    • Results of HVAC and mechanical inspections, Analysis of any current or potential health and safety problems in your home and proposed solutions (e.g., poor indoor air quality, combustion safety, natural gas leakage, etc.)
    • Suggested behavioral changes for you and your family that can reduce energy waste
  4. Retrofit Work Scope – This is perhaps the single MOST CRUCIAL document that we generate. An attention to detail and firm understanding of construction is needed to generate a comprehensive work scope that does not shy away from using advanced weatherization techniques to fix the home’s problems.
    • Cost estimates of retrofit suggestions
    • Projected savings from implementing specific energy upgrades.
    • Project cost-payback and return on investment estimates.

Why our Energy Audits are better than most:

We are certified. All of our energy auditors are certified under a combination of building science designations, with most auditors holding 3 or more advanced certificates under RESNET, NAHB, NCI, and the industry standard BPI (Building Performance Institute), which is the organization for residential energy efficiency and weatherization retrofit work. View details of our certifications and licenses.

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About the ENERGY STAR Home Performance Program

The Energy Star program was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.
S. Department of Energy (DOE) in 1992. Energy Star provides national standards for a comprehensive approach to creating energy efficient homes. The program ensures that every aspect of your home is taken into consideration when upgrading your home with an ENERGY STAR partner. It focuses on saving energy and improving home comfort while also helping to protect the environment.

Over (6) Years of Providing Energy Auditing Services


EDGE Energy is capable to deliver the services that ACDS requires in this RFP with a proven history in performing insulations services, with past performance on state contracts going back to 2006.

  • Over 25 ASHRAE Level I Commercial Audits
  • Over 10 ASHRAE Level II and III Commercial Audits
  • Over 4,000 BPI-certified Home Energy Audits
  • Over 2,500 Insulated homes and buildings

EDGE Energy is a vertically integrated “Performance” contractor licensed, bonded, and insured in (DC, VA, and MD). The staff we have currently in place effectively converts lead opportunities into Energy Audits completed to BPI Standards, while our Installation Crews implement energy-saving solutions to improve comfort, reduce energy bills, and increase the operational safety of our clients’ properties.

With our existing staff, we have the proven working capacity to this report for ACDS within the time frames allotted in the RFP. EDGE Energy has over (6) years of experience providing excellent customer care and high performance jobs, with measured and trusted results.

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