Level 1: The Quick Home Energy Survey

The “Level 1” Energy Survey is intended to be a rapid and in-expensive survey of your home to determine if there are readily apparent and instantly actionable energy-saving opportunities that you can do yourself for immediate comfort or energy savings! This quick 60-minute consultation blends an in-home visual walkthrough with our detailed construction knowledge, but without the detailed diagnostic testing, formal written analysis, infrared scanning, or advanced HVAC testing included with the “Level 2” Comprehensive Assessment. We will generate an executive summary of our findings and a Weatherization Work Scope (proposal) to conduct cost-effective energy retrofits for your home.

Level 2: The BPI Home Energy Audit

The BPI Energy Audit is the most popular, accurate, and thorough option when considering a whole-home approach to solving comfort, safety, and energy efficiency issues. The typical home energy audit incorporates:

  • Envelope Inspections: Blower Doors, zone pressure diagnostics, and Infrared Cameras used to create an air-sealing and insulation scope of work.
  • Combustion Safety Tests: Carbon Monoxide, HVAC, Gas Ovens, and Water Heaters
  • HVAC and Ductwork: Gas appliance inspection, gas leak detection, Carbon Monoxide (CO) combustion safety testing, exhaust / flue draft pressure tests, and visual inspection (not formal testing) of duct leakage, ventilation systems, register air-flow.
    • See “Level 3 – Advanced Energy Assessment” fees for Duct Balancing Report which performs additional tests on the HVAC and Duct systems to create a system tuning and cut balancing plan.
    • Electrical and Appliances: create lighting and appliance survey, generate light bulb schedule and recommend low-wattage lighting retrofits that do not sacrifice color temperature or lumen output.
    • General Durability Inspection: building code check for defects, water management systems, windows and doors, siding, flashing, and painting.
    • Renewable Energy Feasibility Summary: quickly determine access to renewable energy sources or whether existing systems in home are compatible. Does not include engineering. This summary will give you an approximation of installed price and average payback figures.

Level 3: Advanced Energy Assessment

Choose this option if you have serious problems with your HVAC system or duct work and need an engineer to re-evaluate how things have been installed, re-work the duct system, or install custom filters and HVAC zones. This assessment also includes detailed reports for renewable energy systems, and everything that is included in the “Level 2 – BPI Energy Audit” above. Additional deliverables to the client include:

  • HVAC and Duct Balancing Report: Formal Duct Leakage with pressure pan and/or duct blaster, measure air-handler static pressures, filters pressure drops, and Room-by-Room air-flow measurements. Prepare tuning and balancing report describing the steps needed to increase system efficiency and balance the duct system.
  • Renewable Energy Report: Includes those initial determinations found in the Feasibility Study under Section 2 above, but goes a step farther to engineer a specific solution for your home – complete with part numbers, materials costs, labor rates, sizing diagrams, and detailed calculations of the project cash flow and financial payback.

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*Maryland $100 Energy Audit – DISCLAIMER

Maryland Homeowners get a $100 energy audit:

The 2012-2014 emPower Maryland Act subsidizing energy audits for homeowners. This discounted audit cost is for Maryland homeowners only – and specifically those that reside in PEPCO, SMECO, BGE, Delmarva Power, or Potomac Edison utility districts. Participation with your local HPwES Sponsor is mandatory to get rebates and the energy audit prices quoted herein.

  • The $100 energy audit fee is due payable from the homeowner.
  • MD Homes get discounted audit pricing from empower MD Act and participation with local Home Performance programs.
  • Home must have Electricity as primary heating OR cooling source. Customer must have central Air-Conditioning, Heat Pump, or Electric Space Heaters as primary heating OR cooling.
  • Some additional restrictions apply, please call our office for details.

Group Discounts

Any customers that have rallied groups of 2 or more homeowners should visit our Group Discounts page for additional pricing incentives from EDGE Energy.

Mileage Surcharge

Customers located out of our normal service areas (within 90 miles of Beltsville Office) are subject to a trip surcharge of 0.51/mile in addition to the standard fees above.

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