At EDGE Energy, we’re proud to provide home energy rating services to qualify new and existing homes for the ENERGY STAR label, using the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index. The HERS Index is a scoring system established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and is used to tell homeowners what to expect in annual energy costs, including heating and cooling, hot water, and much more.

A HERS rating will tell you what to expect in annual energy costs with specific information about your heating and cooling costs, hot water costs, and much more. Additionally, you may qualify for an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) which will give you more buying power and potentially better terms.

About Our Home Energy Rating Services

A home energy rating involves an analysis of your construction plans for a home and onsite inspections. Based on your construction plans, our own Home Energy Rater will use an energy efficiency software package to perform an energy analysis of the design of your home. This analysis yields a projected, pre-construction HERS Index.

Upon completion of the construction plan review, we’ll work with you to identify the energy efficiency improvements needed to ensure your house will meet ENERGY STAR performance guidelines. Our rater will then conduct onsite inspections, typically including a blower door test (to test the leakiness of the house) and a duct test (to test the leakiness of the ducts). Results of these tests, along with inputs derived from the plan review, are used to generate the HERS Index score for your home.

How to Interpret a HERS Index Score


A home built to the specifications of the HERS Reference Home (based on the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code) scores a HERS Index of 100, while a net-zero energy home scores a HERS Index of zero. The lower a home scores on the HERS Index, the more energy efficient it is compared to the HERS Reference Home. Each 1-point decrease in the HERS Index corresponds to a 1% reduction in energy consumption compared to the HERS Reference Home. Thus, a home with a HERS Index of 85 is 15% more energy efficient than the HERS Reference Home, and a home with a HERS Index of 80 is 20% more energy efficient.

Buying a Home?

Look For the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR qualified homes are at least 30% more energy-efficient than homes built to the national energy code. Even in states with rigorous energy codes, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ensures that ENERGY STAR remains the symbol for truly energy-efficient performance. EDGE Energy works with ENERGY STAR Builders to verify and test construction of new homes from start to finish.

An ENERGY STAR Builder will be able to provide you with a certified HERS Rating and to help you obtain an Energy Efficient Mortgage.

Certified Energy Raters


All of our energy raters are certified by HERS (Home Energy Rating System) and RESNET® (Residential Energy Services Network), affiliates of the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and Energy Star programs. View our certifications and licenses, and sign up for a free energy efficiency consultation today.

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