EDGE Energy Featured In FlyWheel Development Article: Blower Door Tests

To achieve Passivhaus certification, the homes have to achieve a minimum air tightness level of 0.60 ACH 50, which is five times “tighter” than the 3.0 ACH 50 required of new Maryland code-built houses. In this image, Robert Champ of Edge Energy operates a blower door, which pressurizes and depressurizes the house to test air-tightness […]

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solar panels

Top Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Going Solar

The choice to convert to solar energy in your home isn’t a complicated one. The benefits are undeniable, from saving money each month to living a more sustainable life. But things can get a little more complicated when it comes to choosing a solar contractor and actually embarking on the installation process. That’s why it’s […]

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Qualified HVAC Contractor

How to Know You Have a Qualified HVAC Contractor

Many homeowners relish the opportunity to make a comfortable living environment and enjoy getting acquainted with the inner workings of their home. However, there are some aspects of residential living that are so specialized and technical that they require the expertise of a qualified professional. At Home Improvement Leads, we understand that HVAC is a […]

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EDGE Energy Solar Case Study

Saving Money & the Environment with Solar in Washington D.C. – EDGE Energy Case Study

After an incident with the local utility company resulted in serious fire damage to their home, Amy and Lou were strongly motivated to seek alternative energy solutions and drive down their electric bills. The couple, living in Washington, D.C., was interested in renewable energy as a way to offset their utility costs and do their […]

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Our Commitment to Working Locally

In a relatively recent trend, significantly more people are beginning to realize the real costs of large corporations. Across industries, many customers are looking to hometown companies that work with local labor and materials to provide high-quality products and services. While there is a definite satisfaction of the need for instant gratification with large corporations, […]

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Why Chose Solar (More Specifically, SunPower)?

More and more homeowners throughout the US and the rest of the world are choosing to “go solar” than ever before. Solar is one of the cleanest renewable energy sources available. Many people overlook the fact that our sun is essentially a naturally occurring nuclear reactor, releasing tiny energy packets referred to as “photons” that […]

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water saving methods

Water Recycling Methods

There are many types of water uses inside and outside your home, and each one produces a specific type of waste water. Depending on whether it is greywater, blackwater, or stormwater, some of this waste water can be recycle and reused in other areas of your home, which conserves water and protects the environment and […]

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Water-Saving Measures

The average household in the United States uses roughly 400 gallons of water per day. Without a doubt, water is a critical resource, and has an impact on other areas of the house including heating and cooling, electrical and gas usage, etc. offers a number of water-saving products that we can install and help cut […]

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monitor energy use

Monitor Energy Use

Have you ever wondered how much your electronics are costing you every month? What about your lights? If so, energy use monitoring is for you! Studies have shown that the usage of a home energy display can reduce energy usage up to 15%.These devices may also display a real time cost of energy used and […]

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Combustion Safety Of Gas Appliances

Combustion Safety Of Gas Appliances

Combustion safety of gas appliances are of utmost importance. Below are some tips designed to help anyone keep their home safe in regards to combustion safety of gas appliances. Combustibles like paper, towels, rags, etc. should never be kept near gas appliances Flammable aerosol cans, flammable chemicals, etc. should be securely stored and away from […]

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fixing building code violation

Fixing Building Code Violations

After having an inspection there is a chance that you may have a few building code violations. By being organized, building code violations can be fixed fairly easily and quickly so you can avoid fines or other negative consequences. Below are a list of steps that will help you fix building code violations with ease. […]

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Benefits of Weatherization

Health and Safety Our first priority in doing any type of weatherization work is homeowner health and safety. Using standards from regulatory bodies such as OSHA, ASHRAE & BPI, we ensure that indoor air quality is never compromised. This is done by checking the house for high levels of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide […]

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edge energy

EPA / DOE Quality Control

Many state and federal energy rebate, grant, and recognition programs require proof of quality control (QC). For example, in Maryland, solar systems must be installed to certain standards to qualify for solar energy grants, and homeowners must use approved contractors to qualify for some Pepco energy rebates. In all jurisdictions, federal standards (EPA and DOE) […]

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home energy basics

Home Energy Basics

We know taking care of your home can be difficult, so here we’ve compiled a list of articles to make it easier. And we’ve given you some tips to help you save money and energy too. Sign up for our newsletters for more articles like these: Common Energy Efficiency Problems Mold and Mildew 10 Super […]

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home air leaks

Common Energy-Efficiency Problems

Some common home energy-efficiency problems and tips for how to fix them: Air Leaks Many air leaks and drafts are easy to find because they are easy to feel — like those around windows and doors. But holes hidden in attics, basements, and crawlspaces are usually bigger problems. Sealing these leaks with caulk, spray foam, […]

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Home Automation

Essentially, home automation involves an electronic means to program or remotely control these systems. Automating your HVAC system, for example, could involve installing a programmable thermostat so you can set the heat to automatically go down when you are not home or are sleeping then go up just before you wake up or you arrive […]

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mold and mildew

Mold and Mildew

Molds are fungi—they are part of our environment, and tiny mold spores, invisible to the naked eye, are present in both outdoor and indoor air. They grow on damp or wet organic matter, including wood, ceiling tiles, carpets, wallpaper, drywall and cardboard. Mildew is mold in its early stage. Mold growth indoors is unhealthy and […]

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DIY Energy Savings

Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y)

There are some energy-efficiency measures you can implement yourself, depending on how comfortable you are with home improvement projects. If you choose to go the Do-It-Yourself route, keep in mind the following: A professional energy audits, with thermal scans and a calibrated blower door test will efficiently guide you through an itemized plan for reducing […]

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4 Steps for an energy saving project

4 Steps for an Energy-Saving Project

Meet with an EDGE Energy consultant to discuss your objectives towards reducing energy expenses, indoor air-quality and comfort concerns, and any associated carbon emissions. EDGE Energy develops a customized solution that identifies your savings and details all improved performance parameters. EDGE Energy will review your project’s financing needs and will develop terms and a payment […]

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energy saving tips for renters

10 Super Easy Energy (And Money!) Saving Tips For Renters

Fluorescent and LED Light Bulbs Compact fluorescent light (CFL) and LED bulbs use far less energy and last far longer than traditional light bulbs, and they are relatively cheap! Swap out your standard bulbs for fluorescent ones to reduce energy costs. The quality of these bulbs and color temperature is greatly improved over previous years… […]

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secrets of an energy audit

Secrets Of The Energy Audit

There is an interesting secret in the energy audit world. Every house leaks. “Every” house can benefit from upgrading insulation, windows, HVAC systems, lighting and appliances. Telling you that doesn’t require an aerospace engineering degree. In areas where energy auditors are not licensed, contractors use energy audits as a way to sell their products. Whatever […]

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Details Of Energy Audit Testing

During an energy audits, we use a variety of diagnostic tests to determine where energy loss occurs in your home, what safety and health problems might exist, and other factors about your home’s energy systems. For example, we use an infrared imaging scan and blower door test to help determine how air-tight your home is. […]

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prepare for an energy audit

Preparing For An Energy Audit

An energy audit is used to gain deep insight into your home’s energy systems and your own energy use. An energy audit will give us a complete picture of how your house and family use and lose the energy you pay for. By providing our energy auditors with basic information and following some simple steps, […]

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