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Medium temperature solar thermal systems could produce 50% or more of the hot water needed for commercial use in the United States. These systems are less expensive and have shorter return-on-investment periods than solar electric systems. Companies, hospitals, commercial swimming pools and other types of businesses are using solar hot water.

EDGE Energy has the capabilities to design and install the right solar thermal system for your business. Contact us today to start saving with a solar thermal system.

How Solar Thermal Systems Work

Solar commercial hot water systems have two main components: solar collectors and storage tanks. Solar collectors are thin, rectangular panels placed on the roof of a building. Water or another fluid (often antifreeze) circulates in tubes in the panels which get heated by the sun. The heat transfers to the fluid, which is either stored in a tank or used to heat water in the tank.

Although solar hot water systems are quite efficient, they are often paired with a backup system, usually a conventional system or an on-demand water heater, for cloudy days and times of high use.

Saving Money With a Solar Thermal System

A 30% federal tax credit available through 2016, applies to commercial installations, so adding a solar hot water system to your site now makes a lot of sense. Additionally, water heating costs typically make up a significant portion of your energy bill, and solar hot water can cut those costs over the long run. A solar thermal system is a great investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

If you’re considering solar hot water for your business, contact us. We will calculate the size system you need, how quickly you’ll recoup your investment, and how much you’ll save in the long run.

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