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Are you looking to make efficiency and renewables part of your building’s energy management plan? The specialists at EDGE Energy have extensive experience in upgrading commercial spaces across Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. From office spaces to stores, hospitals, campuses and more, our certified team of commercial solar installers is here to help you make the switch!

EDGE Energy: Your Commercial Solar Experts

Our team is committed to quality customer service and a job well done. We’ll work with you start to finish to make sure your project is completed to your satisfaction. Throughout the entire commercial PV solar install, we work hard to keep your budget, building needs and timeline in mind.

Your Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC Commercial Solar Specialists

Our goal is to help commercial building owners decrease their carbon footprint with sustainable energy solutions. The EDGE team has installed 17 commercial PV systems across the region, totaling just over 1,120 kW! Our experience in successfully installing and commissioning commercial solar power projects around the region allows us to deliver quality results on schedule. Our project managers will also work closely with you to help you take advantage of any available rebates and incentives.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have increased in efficiency and dropped in price to the point where they are becoming a truly cost effective alternative to grid electricity in many applications. Below we will discuss some popular commercial solar PV solutions and our EDGE Energy offerings, But each commercial application is a unique design. Contact us for a free energy efficiency consultation to discuss how solar photovoltaics can impact your site.

Types of Commercial Solar PV Solutions

Some popular commercial solar PV solutions include:

  • Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV):

    Solar PV panels are increasingly incorporated into new domestic and industrial buildings as a principal or ancillary source of electrical power and are one of the fastest growing segments of the photovoltaic industry. Typically, an array is incorporated into the roof or walls of a building, such as b y using roof tiles with integrated PV cells.

  • Solar Retrofits:

    Solar panel arrays can be retrofitted into existing buildings. In this application, they are usually fitted on top of the existing roof structure. Alternatively, an array can be located at ground level and connected by cable to supply power for the building.

  • Solar Farms:

    Some organizations install hundreds or thousands of solar panels on the ground in what is called a “solar farm.” This type of installation becomes necessary if you lack adequate roof space or your roof space is shaded. NASCAR’s Pocono Raceway built a solar farm in 2010 and Dow Jones & Company is constructing one at its corporate offices in central New Jersey.

Our Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Services


EDGE Energy can install commercial solar photovoltaic panels at your site in a variety of ways, including:

  • Roof mounted
  • In parking lots (as canopies providing both power and shade!)
  • On top of parking garages

Contact us to discuss which solar PV solution will best meet your needs.

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