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Micro wind turbines are becoming an increasingly large source of commercial electric power. A growing number of businesses and organizations are purchasing wind turbines to produce clean energy on site, including farms, ranches, restaurants, motels, grocery stores, gas stations, municipalities, schools, etc. Wind power has fairly low upfront costs, minimal maintenance, and delivers a consistent stream of electricity. EDGE Energy offers different options for commercial wind turbine installation including:

Types of Commercial Wind Solutions

Parking lot turbines


For businesses and organizations with a large parking lot space, integration of wind turbines can happen pretty seamlessly, without giving up any valuable real estate. Besides providing power for the building, they can also completely lights in the parking lot.

Roof turbines


Advances in engineering have resulted in micro-wind turbines that are much quieter and that vibrate alot less than their predecessors. The roof is a perfect place to put them because of the higher wind speeds and the typically unused space. Micro-wind turbines can also be combined with solar panels.

Wind farms


If real estate is available, we can install a small micro-wind farm on it, which has the potential to create more power than the parking lot and roof installations.

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