At EDGE Energy we want to make renewable energy resources, like solar energy, easy and convenient for everyone in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area. We are now providing support to implement community solar programs to expand the solar market to a diverse array of customers. Especially for low-income and moderate-income customers, the process of “going solar” will now be simpler than ever before.

Benefiting the Local Community

As an active proponent of the benefits of sustainable energy, we offer solar to help empower communities to be self-organized, self-funded and benefit from the savings solar energy offers. Technological advancements, energy awareness and open access to efficiency data are facilitating greater participation, providing a platform to reduce baseline energy costs.

Collaboration with Community Power Network

We work in collaboration with Community Power Network, allowing residents to obtain community discounted rates on solar PV panels, installation and energy consulting to reduce overall energy consumption. This results in lowered costs for utilities and a reduced carbon footprint for the local area.

EDGE Energy: Your Local Solar Experts

In June 2016, EDGE Energy was awarded the Virginia Community Solar Project and was recently chosen as one of the preferred vendors for Lincoln Park Community Solar Project in Washington, DC.

If you own a building with a flat roof, the EDGE Energy community solar option may be right for you. With our experience and reputation for excellent work in the local area, we can help you save money and reduce your building’s carbon footprint with a reliable, low-maintenance solar installation.

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Due to the health and safety of our employees and customers, EDGE will be operating with minimum staffing thru April 13. Feel free to contact our office at (888) 586-3343.