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So, we have been working on your street!

That means that we have case studies and testimonials from a homeowner near you! Many of these homes and case studies can be found in our Green Portfolio, which is getting updated all the time.

Many homeowners band together and take advantage of additional group discounts and get bulk labor and material rates on construction, air-sealing, solar, and other home performance work scopes. Contact us today to find out more about other “Neighborhood Weatherization Programs” going on in your area.

So what does my Coupon Code get me?

  • Qualifying codes have NO EXPIRATION. Available for DC, MD, and VA homeowners.
  • 12 Free CFL light bulbs installed during your Home Energy Audit. Our auditors will carry 13W, 17W, 19W, and 9W candelabra with them. CFL color temperature is 2700K (soft white).

If I live in Maryland, what else do I get?

PEPCO, BGE, SMECO, Delmarva, and Potomac Edison get a state-subsidized home energy audit – that means you pay only $100, and the remainder is paid by the state! Up to $192 of additional base-load measures installed during the energy audit paid by the Utility!

How to Redeem your Coupon

  1. Simply go to the Contact Us page and complete the web form. Enter in your Coupon Code and we’ll do the rest.
  2. If you’d like to look up whether there are coupon codes available in your area, please zoom into the map below and check your neighborhood. We track our locations and jobs in maps like these.
  3. Don’t see a coupon code for your neighborhood? Contact us and let us know… we’ll come out and pass out some flyers to generate buzz in your neighborhood too.

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