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EDGE Energy is working with HOA’s, civic groups, trade organizations, office pools, or just simply any GROUP of organized homeowners interested in completing blocks of energy audits AND retrofit services like weatherization, duct-sealing, or air-sealing, and attic insulation. Many special pricing offers have been extended in the past due to the hard work of various “Neighborhood Champions” – those who have dedicated extra time to organizing group meetings, gathering email distribution lists, and assisting with scheduling.

Here’s a list of current incentives:

Three Audits for the Price of Two

  • The neighborhood champion must find (2) or more neighbors (within the same zip code) to perform the audit on the SAME DAY. This allows the auditor to work more efficiently with less driving.
  • The savings can be applied equally to all the audits, or the organizing homeoner may claim the full amount to get a free audit.

Custom Rate Structures for repeatable (similar) neighborhoods

  • Must have (10) or more participating homeowners.
  • Neighborhood champion must provide:
    • Excel spreadsheet of homeowner names, emails, and contact phone numbers.
    • Signed disclosures from ALL participating homeowners allowing EDGE Energy to pull their utility consumption data prior to performing the audit.
    • Please contact us to get forms for participating utility companies.
  • Financial incentives can include reduced audit fees across identical floor plans, rebate matching of local tax programs, or 5-15% savings off contracting proposals if sales targets are met.
  • Excel spreadsheet of homeowner names, emails, and contact phone numbers.

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