Rebate Processing and SREC’s

We will fill out and submit everything needed for any applicable rebates (DC, REIP, MD, MEA), and will turn over a single “Paid” Invoice for your record to turn in for your IRS Federal Tax Credit for 30%.

Any applicable grants, HOA applications, Loan Documents, etc. will also be processed by your EDGE Project Manager with 100% transparency. Furthermore, we will also sign you up for an account with SREC Trade to automatically sell your SREC’s as they are created from your system – all you do is received a check in the mail!

As a part of our “1-Signature Service,” EDGE Energy will process 100% of the paperwork for rebates, grants, permits, inspections, SREC income accounts, etc. on your behalf.

EDGE Energy has (5) Project Managers who specialize in Solar Renewable Energy Projects who will be dedicated towards the fulfillment of this homeowner group. One of these Project Managers will be assigned to your project as the lead, and will see your installation through to its completion.

Solar Systems earn two (2) Sources of Income

Income Stream #1 – SREC’s are the sales of clean energy “credits” over the lifetime of a system

  • SREC is an acronym for: “Solar Renewable Energy Credits”
  • SREC’s are credits which represent the environmental benefit of the clean energy “power plant” being installed on your roof.
  • Every 1,000 kWhr (or 1.0MWhr) is equal to one (1) SREC credit to sell.

On average, systems in the D.C. area will produce 4-6 SREC’s per year. SREC’s are currently selling in the district for $485 each, which translates into a $2,000 – $3,000 income during the first year.

EDGE pre-registers all systems on the homeowner’s behalf.

  • See below options on re-selling your SREC’s.

Income Stream #2 – Sale of electrical energy back to the grid (your utility)

  • Each kWh produced is sold to your utility company at the same rate that you buy energy.
  • Consider this a reduction in your current consumption or a sale of generated power, either way a “net meter” is installed to keep track of it all.


Every system owner will take ownership of their SREC’s, and will be able to sell them freely.

EDGE works with both and Solsystems, both are SREC “aggregators,” buying and selling SREC’s on a secondary market. EDGE will enroll homeowners with one of these two firms. You are not required to sign up with Solsystems or SREC Trade, but we recommend doing so for easy automatic sales of your credits, with a very small fee paid to one of these firms for managing the account.