• We conduct energy audits and ratings for just about everyone: homeowners, commerical buildings, home builders, and real estate professionals.

Home Energy Audits

HomeEnergyAuditEdgeEnergyExisting home owners generally prefer an BPI Energy Audit. The energy audit is a relatively inexpensive way for a homeowner to identify a prioritized list of energy improvements, building defects, health and safety concerns, and behavioral ways to be “green.” It is a less intense process than an energy rating, which is used for complicated financing like energy efficient mortgages or new construction.

Secrets of the Energy Audit


Every house leaks, and every house can benefit from basic upgrades, but some contractors exploit this fact to sell you their products. We are not in the business of selling insulation or windows or HVAC systems… we are in the business of creating energy efficient homes. When we do an energy audit, we don’t focus on particular products, we focus on your home — a collection of interdependent systems that need to be evaluated individually and as parts of the whole.

Optional Home Energy Tests

EnergyRatingsEdgeEnergy We offer additional advanced home energy tests such as a solar PV site survey, indoor air quality test, power cost meter analysis, and calibrated duct leakage test to supplement your energy audit. If you are interested in any of the optional tests, contact us for more information and pricing. Be sure to check out the licenses and certifications page to view our licenses, affiliations, and qualifications.


CommercialEnergyAuditEdgeEnergy We are certified to provide energy assessments to organizations such as businesses, schools, churches, community centers, government agencies and mixed-use buildings. A commercial energy audit will identify the places where you are using, or losing, the most energy—and thus indicate where to make the most cost-effective building efficiency improvements such as in lighting or HVAC systems.

Learn more about the methods we use in our commercial energy assessments: An EDGE Energy commercial energy assessment can include professional geothermal, solar & wind energy site surveys (implementation, cost and ROI, and preliminary feasibility studies).



Builders would need an HERS Energy Rating. The Energy rating goes through a standard quality control check with local RESNET and HERS providers to ensure accuracy across local building standards. The Energy Rating will return a HERS score (from 0-200) based on home dimensions and/or blueprints. Modeling characteristics are verified by blower door and IR thermography during construction so you can deliver an EnergyStar rated home.

All of our energy raters are certified by HERS (Home Energy Rating System) and RESNET® (Residential Energy Services Network), affiliates of the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and Energy Star programs.

Real Estate Professionals

Realtors, loan officers, individual home buyers, and some home sellers would all likely be interested in an Energy Rating over an Energy Audit, although both could apply. Please call or contact us for more information. If you know your client will apply for tax credits, energy efficient mortgages, or any home owners who desire an energy improvement mortgage, you’ll need a certified Energy Rating. However, many existing home sales are looking towards an Energy Audit because it’s cheaper and energy upgrades could reduce a home’s energy costs by $100's or $1000's each year. Who would have thought that by reducing your impact on our environment, saving money on your bills, adding value to your home, and making your living spaces more comfortable today could also help your home sell faster in a tough market?

Why Choose EDGE Energy?

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