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Upgrading to commercial energy efficient equipment and/or renewable energy sources can be expensive. Leasing allows you to pay for your equipment through the life of the lease and invest your working capital in assets that appreciate.

For most businesses, the principal motive for leasing is cash flow – the ability to get equipment now without a major expenditure of cash. Equipment leasing is also an attractive option because your business gets to use the equipment without assuming the risk associated with owning it or the responsibility of managing the asset after you’re done with it. Other benefits of equipment leasing include avoiding obsolescence and simplified tax returns.

EDGE Energy offers several leasing options that will help you reap the benefits described above. Contact Us to learn about the affordable lease options that are best for your specific needs:

Benefits of Commercial Leasing

  • Financing in all 50 states and Canada.
  • Easy and secure online application for amounts from $10,000 to $5,000,000 and higher.
  • Lease Terms from 12 to 120 months and longer.
  • Open to all Commercial, Government, Municipal, Tax-Exempt & Not-for-Profit projects.
  • The entire cost including equipment, labor, taxes, shipping, and service agreement, may be included in the total financed lease amount.
  • Application information

Our EDGE Energy Equipment Leasing Options

We offer several types of leases through our business partner, Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing (REEL), including:


  • Tax Lease:A Tax Lease (also known as a True Lease) is our most popular lease, especially with our customers that know their equipment will be obsolete in a few years. Often referred to as a Fair Market Value lease, this structure allows most customers to deduct 100% of the payment as an operating expense. Customers are not obligated to purchase their equipment at the end of the lease term, but do have the option to either upgrade, extend their lease, purchase the equipment, or return it all together.
  • Finance Lease:This option is for customers that know they will want to take ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease. Usually, this type of lease works well for customers whose equipment won’t be obsolete in a few years and is not technologically sensitive. The buyout option is usually $1 (or $101, depending on state law). Another option with our Finance Lease is a 10% buyout. This provides the flexibility of a Tax Lease, but provides the customer with a cap on the buyout option.

Save on Costs Using Energy Efficient Equipment

Upgrading to energy efficient equipment through a leasing plan can save your business a great deal of money in the long run. You get the best of all worlds: Lowered energy costs, viable financing options, and a commitment to green energy that demonstrates your business’ social responsibility.

Paperwork Assistance

EDGE Energy offers assistance on applying for grants, rebates, tax credits, and incentives. We use the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy to ensure that we cover all commercial incentives.

Pricing Assumptions

  • Materials pricing assumes availability of the quoted equipment at time of order. Substitutions of equivalent, or better, quality and performance are permitted subject to customer coordination.
  • Installation pricing assumes favorable roof structural analysis and that no reinforcement is required.
  • Financial modeling: Energy usage, demand, and production from installed renewable energy systems are estimated figures based off historical usage. These calculations make conservative assumptions about financial markets, future energy prices, behavioral energy usage of the building owners, and – as such – are NOT guaranteed by this contract.

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