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EDGE provides a solar leasing option on SunPower solar PV panel systems only.

Generally, homeowner’s will save more over the long run owning their own system instead of getting into a lease, but in special cases this can be the best option for many customers.

Solar Leasing

With a Solar Lease you can go solar and start saving on your electricity bill immediately without a large up-front expense. You also have the flexibility to purchase your system later with our purchase options, which can increase the value of your home.
Residential Solar Leasing benefits may include:

  • Low monthly payments with a zero down option
  • System maintenance, insurance and performance guaranteed, or your money back
  • Options to buy your system after six years or at the end of your lease term
  • Flexible end of lease options—Renew the lease, purchase the system or request removal at no cost
  • Professional installation with the highest standard of quality and customer service from our best-in-class network of installers
  • Business clients may get more favorable rates or tax and depreciation advantages

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