Fuel Cells for Your Maryland, Virginia or DC Home

EDGE Energy can help you save money on energy bills, preserve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, and provide you with a steady supply of heat and power with a professionally-installed microCHP fuel cell. We will work with you to find appropriate financing options to ensure your installation is affordable and will help you save over time. Save more by keeping your home and its water heated and powered with microCHP fuel cell solutions provided by EDGE Energy!

What Are Fuel Cells?

Fuel cells directly convert fuel into electricity through a chemical reaction with oxygen. Instead of simply being able to produce a set amount of electricity over the duration of its life (like a normal battery), fuel cells are like a battery that operates indefinitely, provided a consistent supply of fuel and oxygen. Known for their efficiency, particularly in commercial and industrial applications, fuel cells can now also benefit your home.

MicroCHP Fuel Cells

Combined heat and power (CHP or cogeneration) fuel cells have been used effectively for years in industrial plants and other large commercial operations. With the dawn of microCHP systems designed for smaller scale needs, residential fuel cells have become available to fulfill both the heat and electricity demand from one system. These cells produce both electricity and heat that can be used throughout the home.

A CHP residential fuel cell eliminates heat and transmission loss while generating electricity and heat. The process of converting natural gas into heat and electricity generates CO2 and small amounts of NOx as a result. Home fuel cells are extremely efficient (by definition, they have 100% efficiency) and, with further scientific advances, will soon evolve into a renewable energy technology.

The Benefits of Cogeneration Fuel Cells

MicroCHP fuel cells are an excellent source of distributed energy. MicroCHP fuel cells can reduce your home’s carbon footprint, provide you with significant savings on energy bills, and offset some greenhouse gas emissions from the utility company. Since they are installed in your home, they’re less vulnerable to grid interruptions resulting from things like downed wires, and are therefore a constant source of heat and power under any conditions. Being able to heat and power your home reliably and efficiently means you’ll experience savings and comfort all year long.

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