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Cogeneration with Ecopower

Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) systems produce heat and electricity simultaneously, using waste heat to generate electric power. For a long time, CHP systems were only available to large commercial power stations. With recent advances in technology, however, smaller or microCHP systems have been designed for residential homes.

What is a MicroCHP System?

These residential systems capture excess waste heat from your furnace, boiler or hot water heater to power small turbines and collect the thermal energy generated. The electricity produced can then be used within your home or even sold back to the utility company, reducing your energy bill. Unlike a central power plant or an industrial generator which produce exorbitant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, a microCHP brings a more environmentally-conscious “power plant” directly to your home.

Ecopower® microCHP Systems

Marathon Engine Systems’ ecopower® microCHP system is an energy efficient cogeneration system available for residential use. It has received the ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency due to its high efficiency and lower emissions (compared to output from central power plants).

Ecopower® microCHP systems deliver energy to your home with twice the energy efficiency of a traditional central power plant. This innovative technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases the energy efficiency of your home. It can anticipate your daily energy needs and adjust output in seconds to meet unscheduled energy requirements, with lightning fast demand response.

EDGE Energy: Your MD, VA and DC Cogeneration Experts

If you’ve been wondering how your can make your Washington metropolitan area home more efficient, especially during the cold winter months, an ecopower® microCHP system installed by EDGE Energy may be the solution for you. EDGE Energy can conduct an energy audit of your home to inspect where energy efficient upgrades should be made. If a distributed energy resource such as a microCHP system would be appropriate for your home, the local experts at EDGE Energy, can quickly install a unit so your home begins saving and producing energy.

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