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A custom home theater is a great addition to your home!

Our innovative approach to home theater design can bring the room of your dreams into reality and within your budget.

Our goals are to work with home owners to find the most cost-effective room upgrades, audio and visual (A/V) design elements, and sound-proofing solutions to compliment your existing electronics and your personal requirements for the proposed media space.

For this reason, we remain a bi-partisan design-and-build firm, and we do not resale any electronics. We work with most clients on a cost-plus contract, where the owner may pay actual costs, plus a percentage or fixed-fee mark-up for project completion.

Whether you’d like to seamlessly integrate a Plasma TV and surround sound into your family room or create a designated home theater, the professional A/V teams at EDGE can make it possible.

10 Steps to your own Home Theater


  1. Initial Design Meeting– Client shows interest in a complete custom home theater to the EDGE Theater Design Dept. At that time, we compile information about the floor plans, dimensions, media area goals/style/look, budget, color schemes, seating, lighting, etc.).
  2. Design Development – Room dimensions and volume calculations, discuss sound-proofing options, optimize acoustics, sight lines, and viewing angles. Design Rendering or Optional A/V Consulting Services for DIY
  3. Estimate – Project time table, projected materials budget, management fee. Free EDGE Equity Summary with comparable home renovations in your area.
  4. Contract Signed
  5. Materials shipping and manufacturing – Pneumatic doors, cabinets, and speaker boxes might be built off site
  6. Sound-proofing, room preparation, and energy upgrades
  7. General construction- Throughout the construction process, we build your theater to ensure existing and future component compatibility.
  8. Final touches – Room décor and accenting, install and calibrate electronics
  9. Delivery Date
  10. First screening of your personal movie theater! (Popcorn not required)

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