The basement of your house can be one of the most flexible areas of your home and depending on your family’s need it can be transformed into a number of different rooms, including a storage space, playroom, home theater, lounging/living area, game room, or any number of other possibilities!

Some questions you should think about when considering a basement remodel:

  • Is the temperature of your basement comfortable all around? Or does it differ significantly from the temperature from the rest of your house?
  • Have you had problems with moisture build up or mold in your basement?
  • Have many of your neighbors remodeled their homes?


What’s “green” about a basement remodel?

Due to their location within the house basements commonly have water damage, mold, or poor ventilation and air quality. Using low- or zero-VOC paints, adhesives, finishes, certain types of carpet and flooring, and taking care to insulate and weatherize your home properly, will not only help prevent against these common problems but are also to make your basement remodel “green”: by using “green” materials that are not only good for the environment but good for your home and good for you! And they don’t cost anything significantly more than the other materials you might have used. So why not make your basement remodel “green”?

Remodeling a basement requires attention to insulation and other building details that pertain to energy efficiency and comfort. EDGE Energy is a licensed and insured contractor and our professionals can transform your basement into a comfortable living space that better fits your family’s lifestyle. Contact us today to talk about your basement remodel.

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