EDGE Energy can help you remodel your kitchen and/or baths. These areas are some of the most used areas of your home, and therefore we realize that these rooms are important to you! We’re here to help you find the improvements that are within your budget to help your kitchen and bath better meet your needs.




According to the Wall Street Journal, remodeling your bathroom is the home improvement that produces the best return on investment you for your home. In addition, your bathroom is one of the most commonly used spaces in your home. And the frequent use of water within a bathroom can lead to all sorts of problems over time due to the moisture that accumulates on the surfaces within the room. Not to mention, the bathroom is the area that uses the

When deciding whether or not to remodel your bathroom here are some questions you should consider:

  • Are you satisfied with the style, floor layout, and materials in your existing bathroom?
  • Are you satisfied with the number of sinks, bathtub or shower?

What makes a bathroom remodel “green”?

  • Adding a dual flush mechanism your existing toilet, or installing a new water-conserving toilet
  • Consider installing showerheads or faucets with a lower flow rate
  • Insulating pipes that will carry hot water
  • Choose low-VOC paints and green materials for counters and tiles
  • Invest in a new hot water heater to save money and energy
  • Incorporate windows to let in natural light
  • Re-use water for toilet flushing
  • Recycle materials from your existing bathroom

At EDGE Energy we can help you solve and repair any existing problems with your bathroom, as well as provide improvements and features so that it better suits your needs. Contact us for more information.


Although worn appliances and cabinets is a good reason to update your kitchen there are many other aspects to consider when deciding whether or not remodel your kitchen. For example

  • Are you satisfied with the size of your kitchen? Is there enough counter space? Is there enough floor space?
  • Is it easy to move around in your kitchen?
  • Do you have children? Is your kitchen child-safe?
  • Are your appliances energy-efficient?
  • Are you satisfied the location of your kitchen within your home?
  • What are the problems with your current kitchen?
  • What features do you wish your kitchen had?

What makes a kitchen remodel “green”?

  • Energy-efficient appliances and systems that save energy and conserve water
  • Incorporating”green” lighting and plumbing techniques
  • Choosing eco-friendly materials and/or low-VOC paints and finishes for counters, floors, and cabinets
  • Finding ways to better use the space, rather than increasing the size of the kitchen
  • Recycling old cabinets and appliances, rather than destroying them in the demolition
  • Recycling materials and waste during construction

Our professionals at EDGE Energy would be happy to discuss with you your concerns and the possibilities that a remodel could bring to your kitchen and your home. Contact us today to set up a consultation!

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