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Adding on to your home is a great way increase the floor space of your home, without having to move! While sometimes it’s possible to find new floor space by re-designing or re-modeling existing space (for example, in the attic or basement), sometimes that space cannot be re-modeled to fit your need or it is already in use. In these situations, an addition is a great option for you.

What’s green about an addition?

Because additions are new, and are not an attempt to re-model an existing structure, they are a great opportunity for green building! Every aspect of the build has the potential to be green, from the procedures and techniques used to the materials and appliances that are installed, to making the new addition as energy-efficient as possible. With so many possibilities you can make your addition as “green” as you would like.

Some questions to ask when considering a home addition:

  • What are the zoning restrictions in the area?
  • How will the addition tie into the rest of the house?
  • If you were to re-design your house what would it look like?
  • Is there space in your house that could be re-designed to fit the purpose of the addition?

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