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Building a new home is a big endeavor, and at EDGE Energy we recognize that when you decide to build a new home you want to get it right.

A new home is also a great opportunity for green building. Properly designing the structure of the home and the systems can maximize it’s energy efficiency. Choosing efficient and resourceful HVAC, water heating, plumbing systems, and applicances can save you money over time and make your home healthier. You can even decide to incorporate more renewable energy systems directly into your home, including solar, geothermal, and wind energy.

  1. Insulate your home thoroughly throughout the build process
  2. Choose to orient your house, if possible, to utilize the sun’s energy to maximize the possiblity for passive cooling, passive solar heating, and solar panels
  3. Incorporate solar tubes and windows to maximize natural light, and use CFLs and LED bulbs when possible
  4. Choose long lasting green materials (drywall, painting, adhesives)
  5. Choose energy-efficient or conserving appliances (such as ENERGY STAR)
  6. Consider incorporating “smart” systems to control energy-using systems in your house such as heating and lighting
  7. Choose a “green” HVAC system
  8. Choose options for efficient water heating
  9. Include measures to conserve water or recycle water within your home
  10. Choose efficient windows and doors and make sure they are tightly sealed

We can help you follow the above general good building practices as well as the guidelines established by NAHB, LEED, ENERGY STAR, and EarthCraft. While these certifications are not necessary for your home to be “green,” they do allow your home to be officialy labeled as a “green” home, and this can improve the value of your home.

EDGE Energy is a licensed and insured contractor, and we have experienced professionals who can help you design and build your new home. Contact us today to discuss your home project.

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