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EDGE employs in-house roofing crews ready for many roofing types. We can perform a variety of roofing repairs or replacements to the roofing systems commonly found in the area including:

EDGE Energy has over 8-years’ experience safely (no accidents) installing a variety of different roofing systems in the greater Baltimore and DC-Metro regions with our own in-house workforce and teaming partners. Furthermore, we stand behind our installations with a written warranty on all types of roofing installations.

Thinking of installing solar panels?

The cost of repairing or replacing a roof in conjunction with a Solar PV system is also eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit, making roof replacement a very beneficial opportunity for many homeowners.

Already have solar panels and need to replace or repair your roof?

Although solar panels can protect your roof, sometimes it is necessary to repair or replace a roof that already has solar panels installed on it. We can repair or replace your roof and re-install your solar panels for you.

If you are interested in a new roof, or need a new roof to continue with solar, we can consult you on the best options and price for your home during our initial site visit, and include this in our contract cost. Contact Us today to schedule a site visit.

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Due to the health and safety of our employees and customers, EDGE will be operating with minimum staffing thru April 13. Feel free to contact our office at (888) 586-3343.