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During a solar installation and roof replacement, while the top of the house is opened up, is a great time to consider installing additional insulation which is often lacking in homes throughout the region. Flat roofs can be removed, and have the entire “attic” area sealed and insulated in a single day. Shingle roofs can have foam board insulation installed across the entire deck, before adding new ENERGY STAR shingles over top. In many cases, this cost can also be included in the 30% Tax Credit of the overall project.

What’s the benefit of adding insulation while adding a new roof?


The benefit for the homeowner is a much less labor-intensive and less intrusive insulation project, which will make the home more comfortable and efficient, for far less money.
We will discuss these simple options with you to determine if your home could use an upgrade. We install a variety of insulation types from dense-packed cellulose to spray foam and foam board products. If you’re also thinking about installing a Solar PV system, insulation may allow you to install a smaller system because most insulation projects aim to cut 20-30% of your energy costs.

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