See below for our recommendations for roofing replacement or repair for the different types of roof systems common to the area:

Asphalt and Architectural Shingle


For shingle roofs, we usually recommend using ENERGY STAR certified Architectural Shingles with a limited Lifetime Warranty and 10-year Sure-Start Warranty. These 250-lb. shingles save energy, with a 30+ year life.

TPO or Flat Membrane Roof


Typically for row homes with a low-slope roof, we recommend using ENERGY STAR certified TPO like Firestone Platinum 80-mil reinforced membrane with a 30-year Manufacturer’s Warranty, and even longer effective life.

Cedar Shake or Composite Shake


EDGE can repair or replace cedar shake roofs with either white or red cedar shakes. In the past, cedar roofs were typically installed with 6” spacing between runs of the shakes to save time and money, however, we’ve found this distance greatly reduces the useful life of the roof as the distance allows for curling and extra sun and weather exposure to thinner portions of the shakes. We recommend installing new shakes in 5” row spacing to improve durability.

Slate or Composite Slate



Preservative can be applied to cedar roofs to put-off a full roof replacement by another 3-15 years if done regularly. The difference is noticeable, and if replacing a couple hundred damaged shakes at the same time, a roof tune-up will leave it looking nearly new. Only homes designed for real slate roofs can support the load of real slate. Conversions to composite slate for aesthetic reasons is possible, but oftentimes is very expensive. Composite slate roofs are 50-100 year systems and are more resistant to mold and algae growth.

Standing Seam Metal


There are a variety of metal roofing systems as well, which can be selected based on design and color. Petersen Aluminum Pac- and Snap-Clad systems are a commercial style roof made for residential applications. With a 20-year Warranty and factory-applied no maintenance finish, these roofs are extremely durable and long lasting.

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