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If you should ever need to make repairs on the roof, or replace the roof, the solar panels will need to be removed and re-installed. This usually requires (1) day to remove the system before roofing work, and then (1) day to replace the system when the roof is completed.

Costs of Labor to Remove and Replace Solar Panels

  • EDGE Energy will remove, and replace the solar PV system for FREE within our 10-Year warranty period given any roof leaks caused by our installation.
  • Generally the cost for removal and replacement of a system would be $0.30 / Watt or roughly $1,500 to $2,500 for typical residential systems.

Solar Panels Help Protect your Roof

Once the solar panels are installed, they actually help to protect your roof from the elements. When we come out to inspect your home, we will check to make sure that your roof is suitable for a solar installation.

EDGE carefully evaluates your roof both above and underneath prior to the installation of any solar system. If the roof needs repair or replacement (i.e. we don’t think it will last past our 10-year warranty) we will let you know up front. To save costs, we can also just replace roofing underneath our system, leaving the rest of the roof for a later date. However, this approach would lose a sizable portion of the 30% tax credit. It’s not too often that your new roof will be 30% off paid by the government!

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