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EDGE Energy is well known in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area for promoting energy efficiency and assisting property owners in becoming energy efficient. Although, we do much more than simply help with energy efficiency; we also encourage sustainability and green building.

What is the difference between energy efficiency and sustainability?

Energy efficiency is a term that can be applied to virtually anything, from homes to appliances. It is defined as using less energy to provide the same service. Therefore, an LED light bulb is more energy efficient than a traditional incandescent bulb. A home that is adequately insulated and air sealed is more energy efficient than leaky home.

Sustainability is a bit more complex. In order to be sustainable, a process must not:

  • Consume energy faster than it can be replaced
  • Use material resources, energy or fuel faster than they can be replenished
  • Contribute to pollution at a higher rate than it can be cleaned

A home that produces more power via solar panels than it needs, therefore, is using a sustainable source of energy. Using cellulose insulation is another sustainable, green building practice, since the materials is made of recycled newspaper. Many materials used in traditional building release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other harmful chemicals into our environment, while green materials are safe for your health and the planet.

EDGE Energy: Your Local Green Building Contractors

EDGE Energy practices sustainable, green building in our work. We can help you incorporate green building practices into your Virginia, Washington, DC or Maryland home or commercial property. Caring for our local environment and the future is one of the largest drivers in our commitment to green, sustainable building. Additional benefits include:

  • Warranty periods are typically longer for green building projects
  • The building process requires the same amount of labor as regular building projects, and green building materials don’t significantly add to the cost
  • The produced product can save you money
  • Green building projects reduce your carbon footprint while benefiting your health

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