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Green building not only includes the techniques and practices behind how a house is built, but also the materials used in the build. In any building project there are hundreds of materials you use, from adhesives and glues to lumber, insulation, tiles, lights, paints, finishes, flooring, drywall, roofing, siding. Choosing the right option for your home from each of these materials requires knowing which one will best fit your purpose as well as your budget. Among all the options for materials there are a number of “green” building materials as well. These materials have been tested and are recognized as materials which help make your home more energy-efficient and healthier.

Do “green” building materials cost more?

On average, no. Using green building materials will add very little additional cost to your project.

What makes a building material green?

There are a number of aspects that influence whether or not a building material is characterized as “green.” Not all materials are labeled “green” for the same reason.

  • Renewable: Is the material made from renewable resources? Is it recyclable? Does it use recycled materials? Is it efficiently manufactured?
  • Air Quality: Does the material improve or protect indoor air quality? Is it have low- or zero-VOCs? Does it emit minimal amounts of chemicals? It is a low- or non-toxic material?
  • Energy Efficiency: Does the material improve the energy-efficiency of the home? It is efficiently manufactured?
  • Water Conservation: Does the material conserve water?

Another factor to consider is the transportation of the material; transportation requires a lot of fuel. If it needs to be transported a long distance to reach the project site it may no longer be an efficient “green” material for you.

At EDGE Energy we recognize that while many factors are related to picking the right material durability is always the most important. That’s why we strive to always give you an unbiased perspective when you’re trying to decide what material is right for you. We’ll help you way the durability, the cost, the pros and cons, and how “green” the material is, so that you can make the best decision for your home. Contact us today to discuss the options for your green building project.

For more information on this topic: EPA.GOV

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