Is your home not as cool and comfortable as you’d like it to be? Are your electricity bills through the roof? It may be that you’re in need of air conditioning repair, especially if your AC has been acting up lately. Call EDGE Energy today to make an appointment. We service homeowners across VA, MD and the DC area.

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Top-Notch Air Conditioning Installation in VA, MD & DC

Your home is a complex system, made up of a variety of different elements that work together to create a comfortable, functioning environment. As every home is unique, it’s important to use care in choosing the right equipment to suit the environment it will be installed in. Once your air conditioning system has been sized, we’ll be there through the installation process from start to finish. Our team of talented home efficiency professionals can answer any questions you may have. The EDGE Energy staff has a strong reputation for customer service, and it shows in each install we perform.

Is Your System Sized Properly?

Right-sizing an AC system is a huge part of creating a functional home environment and should never be overlooked. As AC units age, efficiency tends to be negatively affected, which can lead to a marked increase in energy bills. This can worsen dramatically if your AC unit isn’t right-sized. Oversized systems, for example, cause short running cycles, resulting in higher humidity levels, more energy usage and indoor air comfort issues.

People often believe that bigger is better when it comes to choosing heating and cooling systems, but this isn’t the case. The right size system for your home depends on a number of different factors, such as occupancy, area of home, duct condition, number of windows, and much more. At EDGE Energy we can help ensure that you’re getting the system that’s right for you and your home.

High-Efficiency Central Air Conditioning Systems

At EDGE Energy, we carry only the best central air products on the market. Our brands meet rigid specifications and are tested to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind for years to come after the installation process is complete. We’ll walk you through the many options that are available to you to find a solution that fits your scenario to a tee, no matter how large or small your home is.
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