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Passive cooling is a building design technique that helps keep a house cool in summer by reducing the amount of direct sunlight that hits indoor spaces. The result: You don’t have to run your air conditioning as often.

In general, a passive cooling strategy attempts to:

  • Block heat from entering
  • Minimize heat generated
  • Ventilate to remove heat and equalize temperatures throughout the structure
  • Air condition only when needed

The most effective ways to can block heat from entering your home are to weatherizie the outer shell, install exterior shades (such as awnings) and/or plan landscaping to block sun during the summer months, and install radiant barrier in the attic. You can minimize heat generation by running your appliances only at night, when it is cooler. Ventilation can be as simple as a fan (portable or ceiling versions) or an open window. Whole-house fans can be extremely cost-effective in the mid-Atlantic climate, provided the attic is properly vented.

For more information see NC State publication, “Passive Cooling for Your North Carolina Home”

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