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Passive solar home heating does not rely on mechanical systems to collect, move and distribute solar heat. Instead, it incorporates windows, walls and floors that are designed to capture heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer. At EDGE Energy, we specialize in working with architects and builders to construct passive solar homes.

Elements of a Passive Solar Home

Passive solar homes range from those heated almost entirely by the sun to those with south-facing windows that provide some fraction of the heating load. The difference between a passive solar home and a conventional home is design.

A passive solar design usually contains large windows facing no more than 30 degrees from true south. These windows receive direct sunlight for most of the day. A roof overhang can be built to let sunlight in during winter, but block midday direct sun in the summer.

Another element of passive solar design is incorporating absorbent materials in walls, floors or partitions. Masonry walls, for example, absorb heat and then radiate it out later, which helps keep the inside of a home warm during the winter.


Using the elements of passive solar design described above, we can help you craft a new home that maximizes the use of solar radiation during winter and minimizes it during summer. Such an intentionally designed home can significantly reduce energy costs and result in maximum savings.

To learn more about our passive solar design services, contact us to speak with an EDGE Energy expert.

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