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Generators for homes are an effective way to provide reliable home backup power. Installing a permanent standby generator in your home ensures that when public power is unavailable, you’ll be able to rely on your own power source to meet your family’s energy needs. Generators for homes usually run on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (propane), or another type of fuel. Contact Us to learn about the steps we’ll take at EDGE Energy to recommend and install the optimum generator for your home.

Generators for Homes: Permanent vs. Portable

Permanent standby generators for homes have several advantages over small portable generators. They:

  • Have longer, uninterrupted run times (50 to 100 hours or more)
  • Are already connected to your electrical system
  • Will sense power outages, isolate your system and automatically start generating power whenever an outage occurs

A permanent standby generator will protect your home and family in the case of a power outage or will supplement a solar PV system during long cloudy periods. Contact Us to speak with an EDGE Energy expert. We’ll start the process by discussing which fuel source you want to use and your home’s energy requirements. Then we’ll identify the optimal home generator to meet your needs.

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