After the attic, the basement is next on the priority list for weatherization. While early basements were used primarily as cellars for food storage, they have now expanded to become living spaces. During the summertime, the basement is typically the coolest area of the house due to a lot of the warmer air rising to the higher levels. This effect, combined with air leakage from the outside, can create a lot of discomfort in the wintertime as well as cause energy bills to be higher than they should be. Furthermore, moisture coming from the outside can infiltrate into the basement and cause mold issues.

How we fix your problem

Our trained weatherization specialists target specific areas such as the band/rim joist, which is where the the foundation meets the side walls, as well as the foundation walls themselves. First, we make sure that the area is properly air-sealed before applying insulation if none already exists there. This will prevent cold air from entering into the house during the wintertime, and conditioned air from leaving it during the summertime. Immediately, drafts will be eliminated and heating and cooling costs will begin to go down.

Why should I use EDGE Energy for my Weatherization?

  • EDGE is ranked #2 in overall job performance and customer service in Maryland, with nearly 100 client reviews online at:
  • Fully licensed, insured, and bonded contractor in MD, DC, and VA
  • We offer a 10-year solar system workmanship and installation warranty and 2-year workmanship warranty on all roofing repairs and replacements

About EDGE Energy

EDGE Energy is a highly-regarded Residential, Commercial, and Government renewable energy systems installer and “green” building contractor which is licensed, insured, and bonded in all counties of VA, DC, and MD. We design and install custom solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy systems with pride and with proven track records. Our special focus is completing projects which decrease utility bills and energy consumption by 25% to well over 100% – even creating homes that are “net-positive.” An Energy Audit is the first step to your energy efficient home!

Project Maps and Discounts!

Visit our project maps page to learn about homeowners in your neighborhood that have worked with EDGE in the past. Remember, EDGE Energy works with HOA’s, civic groups, trade organizations, office pools, or just simply any GROUP of organized homeowners interested in completing blocks of energy audits AND retrofit services like weatherization, duct-sealing, or air-sealing, and attic insulation. Many special pricing offers have been extended in the past due to the hard work of various “Neighborhood Champions” – those who have dedicated extra time to organizing group meetings, gathering email distribution lists, and assisting with scheduling.

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