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At EDGE Energy, we’ve seen firsthand how replacement doors and replacement windows can help save homeowners a significant amount of money by reducing overall energy costs. While we don’t advocate whole-house replacement of windows without an energy audit and consideration of alternatives, sometimes replacement is cost-effective. Replacement doors are easier to cost-justify.

One common mistake homeowners make is replacing windows and doors prior to addressing lower-hanging fruit such as air-sealing, insulation, and air duct sealing. While new windows and doors are more energy efficient, a whole house replacement job is a big ticket item. In the wrong circumstances, it can take decades to recoup your costs through energy savings. Also, “balancing” the air-flow through the home’s ductwork after sealing and insulating ducts and the building envelope, may effectively offset drafts in uncomfortable rooms.

An energy audit will present you with all alternatives to window/door replacement — including repair and/or weather-stripping of existing windows and proper insulation and sealing– and help you evaluate the cost-effectiveness of each choice.

Replacement Doors

Replacement doors often feature multiple-paned glass, improved core materials, tighter fits, and better weather stripping. Optimal replacement doors meet the new 2010 Energy Star performance levels and can help you save up to 15% on energy costs. Energy Star performance criteria for replacement doors are based on the amount of glass they contain, called the glazing level. If you’re considering purchasing replacement doors, we’ll recommend several brands of the most energy efficient doors and help you choose the brand that best fits your need. We can install the replacement doors to Energy Star standards.


Replacement Windows

There are many good reasons to replace windows – durability, safety, or simply to add equity to the home. Energy efficient replacement windows typically have multiple panes and a “low-e” (low-emissivity coating) coating. The low-e coating blocks infrared radiation (heat) transmission, keeping warm air in the winter and heat out in the summer. Between the multiple panes, argon, krypton, or other non-toxic gases form an insulation barrier. Similar to replacement doors, the most energy efficient windows meet the new 2010 Energy Star performance levels, and can also help you save up to 15 % on energy costs.


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