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Before natural gas, oil, and electricity usage was widespread, wood was the fuel of choice for most Americans to heat their homes. With fossil fuel prices going up, wood is now again being seen as a viable renewable energy alternative. Wood burning technology has evolved since the days of fireplaces and firewood. Now, the medium of choice is the wood pellet, which is made from compacted sawdust, crop waste. spare paper, bark, wood chips, and other organic waste products. Biomass fuels that can also be burned in wood pellet appliances include corn kernels, barley, beet pump, nutshells, grain, seeds, soybeans, sunflowers and dried cherry pits.

Compared to ordinary fireplaces and wood stoves, pellet stoves are both more efficient and easier to operate. Wood pellet stoves only require fueling about once a day, instead of having to haul dirty, heavy logs, the fuel comes in a convenient bag. Furthermore, the risk for burning is minimized as the appliance exteriors (minus the glass doors) stays cool unlike other wood burning appliances.

Wood pellet stoves also happen to be the cleanest of all solid fuel burning appliances that are used in the home, and produce very little air pollution. Their combustion efficiencies range from 78% to 85%, and their heating capacities are usually between 8,000 to 90,000 BTU/hr. Their higher efficiency causes less buildup in the flue pipe, also less of a risk of a fire hazard.

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