Demand for electricity in the United States has outpaced transmission rates by 25% every year since 1982, according to the Department of Energy. Data gathered also shows that power outages lasting over an hour have steadily increased in the last decade. Many building owners are looking for ways to reliably control their energy and power availability and costs. How can you take energy and power into your own hands? A microgrid may be the solution for your DC, VA or MD area building.

What is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability. This means it can disconnect from the traditional power grid and operate autonomously, providing necessary power as needed. This allows homes or other buildings and facilities to stop being dependent on another system, or “the grid,” for their energy needs.

How Does a Microgrid Work?

The central power grid connects buildings to a main source of power, which allows individuals to use electricity within their homes, businesses or other facilities. Power to run appliances, HVAC systems and other electronics has to come from somewhere, and for most buildings, it’s provided through the central power grid.

Although a microgrid can be connected to the grid, it can be disconnected and operate on its own. This especially comes in handy during power outages, storms or other crises. Microgrids connected to renewable energy sources such as solar panels can operate almost indefinitely as independent sources of power, thus earning certain buildings the term: “off-the-grid.”

Why is There a Need For Microgrids?

As evidenced by the extreme and continuously growing demand for electricity in the U.S. and the tendency towards power outages, microgrids are a more reliable power option, especially when paired with renewable energy systems. For occupants of multifamily residential building and hospitals, for example, a power outage can be detrimental. Having a steady, predictable and dependable source of power from a microgrid can maintain optimal living and operating conditions at all times.

The EDGE Difference

EDGE Energy, your local Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC energy expert, can help you explore the microgrid solution for you. We can help you get on the cutting EDGE of energy efficiency with our unique microgrid options!
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