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EDGE employs a staff of 28 local construction laborers, engineers, project managers, energy auditors, and office managers. We are currently staffed to easily meet the production needs of the (45) interested homeowners already registered with this RFP, and will be able to adjust accordingly should the group grow to 100 people or more, as our last group award did! We pay above-average wages for employees, and we have an On the Job Training program that helps un-employed construction laborers cross-train into weatherization and renewable energy careers with job placement services provided by AmeriCorps.

EDGE employs its own Construction Workforce

EDGE will use its own employees to compete the work associated with this RFP. We wish to emphasize that we are not a pass-through contractor — as you will see in the enclosed proposal, we will provide substantive leadership, program management, and technical oversight that will ensure quality and success installations. This is a major difference between our company and much of the competition. We are a vertically integrated Company with Energy Auditors, Engineers, Crew Leaders, and Construction Specialists on our staff. In addition to our great employees, we have formal relationships with several Teaming Partner sub-Contractors in the area to complete a variety of trade-specific projects and assist us in completing projects in a professional, and timely manner.

EDGE Adheres To Maryland Living Wage and Payroll Reporting Requirements

  • As of 3/31/14, the average hourly rate for EDGE Energy Construction Specialists is $22.96.
  • All hourly employees receive 1.5x their hourly rate for overtime in excess of 40 hours per calendar week.
  • Over the last five (5) years, EDGE has worked with numerous State, Federal, and Utility contracts receiving ARRA, TARP, or other CGBC-Block grants which carried mandatory Davis Bacon, Living Wage, and/or DOL-compliant payroll reporting.

OSHA Safety Training

  • All technicians and laborers carry at minimum of OSHA 10-hour card.
  • Crew Leaders and Project Managers complete OSHA 30-hour training.
  • Company-wide training and on-going safety courses completed weekly.
  • OSHA cards available upon request

Key Personnel:

Jason DispenzaJason Dispenza

  • NABCEP entry level for solar and small wind systems
  • RESNET HERS Rater, Level II Infrared Thermographer
  • BPI Building Analyst, Multi-family Specialist

AnthonyColella Anthony Colella
Solar Project Manager

  • HERS Rater, BPI Building Analyst, Multi-Family Specialist, Heating/Heat Pump Specialist
  • NBI Certified Commercial HVAC and Duct Air-Balancer
  • 5+ years’ experience managing and installing residential Solar PV systems

JodySolellJody Solell
Solar Project Manager

  • 25+ years in Solar PV design and installation
  • Builds stand-alone battery systems and custom PV solutions

LarryMackallLarry Mackall
Lead Solar Installer

  • NABCEP-Certified Installer
  • 18+ years’ experience installing residential and commercial Solar PV systems
  • 25+ years’ experience in heavy carpentry and construction

RalphChambatiRalph Chambati
Lead Solar Installer

  • NABCEP-Certified Installer
  • 11+ years’ experience installing residential and commercial Solar PV systems

JoeyMcgurveyJoe McGervey
Mechanical Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon
  • Commercial ASHRAE Level I and II energy auditing
  • Specialist in Distributed Generation, CHP Systems, and Renewable Energy

TimRunfurdTim Rumford, P.E., PMP
Electrical Engineer

  • Licensed Professional Engineer (PE), 26+ years experience
  • B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E. UCONN, M.S. Systems Engineering GWU
  • NABCEP-Certified Installer

Other Staff Members

EDGE Project Managers and BPI / RESNET Energy Auditors and Raters

  • Kyle Marshall
  • David Braggins
  • Simone Melillo
  • Rob Glover
  • Gary Boyer
  • Amine Charrat