Alternative renewable energy sources are becoming more commonplace as we begin to move away from relying solely on fossil fuels.

Focusing on the Environment

Preserving the environment for future generations should be a focus for everyone. As a homeowner or a commercial property owner, EDGE helps you make smart decisions about the impact of your energy usage.

Helping You Save on Energy Costs

Reliable, convenient renewable energy sources allow you to save on operating costs for your home or business.

Specialty, Skills and Quality

EDGE is composed of building scientists and builders. We understand the science behind what renewable options would work best for your needs. Our knowledgeable, loyal and experienced staff care about improving residential or commercial power for you with quality installation.

Convenient Energy Solutions

Alternative energy solution systems require less upkeep and maintenance than those with traditional power sources. EDGE Energy renewable energy solutions allow you to have dependable energy with superior service.

Save money and the environment with renewable energy solutions from EDGE. Contact us or call (888) 586-3343 to schedule a consultation for your home or commercial property today!



Solar power systems are home renewable energy systems that harness the natural power and energy of the sun. Current federal, state, and local energy tax credits make it more affordable now than ever to purchase solar panel installation services and create a solar power solution in your own home.

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Geothermal residential heating and cooling systems take advantage of the Earth’s near-constant underground temperature. In the Mid-Atlantic states, ground temperatures average around 55 degrees year round below about 10 feet. Traditional heat pumps extract heat from the air and send it into the home. Geothermal heat pumps use soil (or rock or water) instead of air, so they are far more efficient.

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If you’ve got the geography, energy can be free. Residential wind energy, or small-scale windpower, can lower your electric bills by 50% – 100%. The cost-effectiveness of small wind power systems depends on a properly designed and installed system and location, location, location. This is technology as old as civilization, reliable, clean, and beautiful.

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