Home wind turbines are available in a variety of name brands and designs, so you’ll need to consider which type is best for your site. The wind energy experts at EDGE Energy are well-versed in the differences between the various types of home wind turbines and will be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you. Read on for more information, or contact us with any questions you may have about home wind turbines. We will be happy to schedule an appointment to help you assess the best turbine design for your site.

Common Home Wind Turbine Designs

Wind turbines come in two basic configurations:

Horizontal-axis wind turbines


This is the familiar windmill or pinwheel configuration consisting of a two or three vertical blades extending from a horizontal generator mounted on the top of a tower. The turbine pivots to face into the wind. Horizontal wind turbines are ideal for locations where wind direction changes regularly, and function properly regardless of wind direction. They are also able to convert more wind into power for greater efficiency and better power output.

Vertical-axis wind turbines


The blades of a vertical-axis turbine look something like an egg beater. The wind can enter the blade area from any direction so it does not need to pivot to face the wind. Vertical-axis turbines tend to handle turbulence better than horizontal designs, so they may be more efficient at lower heights. They also tend to take up less space than their horizontal counterparts when assembled, as well as cost a lot less. They are ideal for urban applications, including roof top installations.

Home Wind Turbine Resource

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