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EDGE Energy is constantly seeking new ways to make switching to renewable energy easier and more beneficial in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area. Although solar power has always been an incredible alternative to traditional fossil fuels, new battery technology is making solar energy even more of a convenient solution.
Because we take a holistic, energy efficient and cost efficient approach to renewable energy resources, we want to maximize your return on investment by supplementing your solar power system with a battery bank and solar monitoring system.

An Alternative to the Grid

When you install a solar power system for your home, installing a battery bank and solar monitoring system should be a serious consideration. Although it may seem like an unnecessary added expense, a way to save the solar energy your array produces is tremendously valuable.

A battery bank or battery storage works together with your solar power system by storing the excess electricity produced during the day for use at night or any other time when power demand is high. Using a gas or diesel backup generator with your battery bank can provide your home with a complete energy solution, powering your home through long cloudy spells and protecting you from losing power in the event of a grid power outage. Your home’s battery storage solution can provide you with true freedom from reliance on the traditional power grid.

Solar Monitoring System

In order to be fully in control of your home’s power production, a solar monitoring system can help. This system monitors the state of your solar array and battery bank, providing you with instant feedback on your energy production and the reserves available.

Freedom from the Grid with EDGE Energy

Traditional homes without solar power systems rely solely on the grid. Most traditional cars are reliant on fossil fuels. With solar power systems, both your home and electric vehicle can sustain themselves from only solar energy. A battery bank and solar monitoring system from EDGE Energy can help you break free from your dependency on the grid.

If you install a residential solar power system, you may want to consider installing a battery bank and solar monitoring system along with it. A battery bank works in conjunction with a solar power system by storing excess electricity generated during the day for use at night or any time when power demand exceeds production. A battery bank can also work with a gas or diesel back up generator to provide a complete energy solution that can power your home even through long cloudy spells and insulate you from the effects of a grid power outage. A solar monitoring system monitors the state of your solar power system and battery bank, giving you instant feedback on your energy production and system productivity.

EDGE Energy doesn’t just sell you a solar panel, we consider your complete energy needs designing a holistic, energy- and cost-efficient approach that will maximize your return on investment. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of supplementing a solar power system with a battery bank and solar monitoring system.

About Battery Banks

When the sun is shining and you’re generating more power through your solar power system than you’re using, your system will charge the battery bank. Whenever energy demand exceeds the generating capacity of your solar cells, the batteries supply the difference. Although battery banks add to the cost of a solar energy system, the energy your PV cells generate is stored at home for your use, freeing you from reliance on the local grid.

About Solar Monitoring


If you have a battery bank system in your home to supplement your solar PV panels, you’ll need to monitor the state of your batteries, as well as the performance of your solar panels. This is done through a solar array monitoring system, commonly called solar monitoring. The system measures and displays the amount of power your solar panels are generating and the charge in your battery bank. Solar monitoring systems allow you to identify problems with your solar panels by informing you of any drop-off in productivity. When we install a solar monitoring system in your home, we’ll not only implement and test the system, we’ll also teach you how to use it to keep your system at peak performance.

How Can You Benefit From Battery Banks and Solar Monitoring?

To find out how you can benefit from installing battery banks and solar monitoring systems in your home or to take the first step in creating a holistic home solar power solution, contact us.

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