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For residential solar applications, power from the sun is harnessed primarily by 2 technologies.

  1. Photovoltaic (PVs) arrays

    are banks of cells that convert sunlight directly into direct current (DC) electricity. PV systems are composed of solar cell arrays, storage batteries, and an inverters to convert the direct current that they generate into household current.

  2. Solar thermal

    technologies harness heat from the sun. The heat may be stored in solid materials such as a stone floor or wall and released slowly into the environment (passive solar designs) or it may be used to heat a fluid. Solar water heating systems are the most familiar example, but solar thermal systems can also heat oil or other fluid which can be pumped to where heat is needed, such as a radiator for space heating. At EDGE Energy, our mission is to offer our clients a unique and pleasurable solar shopping experience.

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