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Solar carports and canopies are both great ways to provide shade while turning the sun’s rays into stored energy. In addition, they are a great alternative to mounting solar panels on a roof.

Solar Carports


Solar carports are becoming a more and more popular investment for businesses who are looking for a way to take advantage of existing outdoor parking spaces. Solar carports can provide shade to vehicles throughout the day, while allowing the sun’s rays that were previously absorbed by the blacktop or the cars to be absorbed instead into solar panels. In this way, not only do carports protect vehicles from heat but they advantage of unused space above the parking area to convert solar energy into power, which means energy savings for the company!

Solar Canopies


Solar canopies can create a shaded space for your deck, pool, or other outdoor living space. The panels are laid in such a way so that they capture most of the sun’s rays but still allow some into the space below to provide some light. Canopies are a great way to convert an outdoor area into a new living space while generating stored energy that you can use to help power your home.

What’s the Advantage of Solar Carports and Canopies over Rooftop Solar Panels?


Rooftop solar panels rely on the underlying roofing structure. Therefore, the angle in which they are mounted is less flexible, it must be aligned with the roof. This means that if you’re roof isn’t optimally aligned to catch the sun’s rays you may be missing out on energy generation. Solar carports and canopies don’t rely on any underlying structure and therefore can be oriented in such a way as to maximize solar energy. In addition, if your roof every requires repairs any panels installed on the roof may need to be repaired in order to conduct the repairs. Deciding to install a carport or canopy can avoid this potential hassle.

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