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Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, also known as solar electric panels, convert sunlight to electricity. Each panel is built to produce a specific wattage of electricity. Connecting these panels together creates a system which can supply power to meet some or all of your home energy needs, reducing your overall energy costs and saving you money. The reduced cost of solar PV panels over the past few years, combined with current state and federal energy tax credits, makes investing in a home solar PV system more affordable than ever.

At EDGE Energy, we offer a full suite of residential solar power solutions. If you’re thinking of going solar, contact us, sign up for a free energy efficiency consultation to discuss your unique needs, or conveniently with us online to discover how you can benefit from our solar PV services.

Solar PV Considerations

Every home is unique, so we’ll take into account your home’s orientation to the sun, the geography of your land, and your overall energy goals when designing a solar PV system and performing solar panel installation services for you. We’ll also discuss your options for creating a solar PV system that is on or off the utility grid, and make recommendations about which types of solar mounting solutions would best benefit you.


Discover How You Can Benefit From Solar PV

If you’re interested in learning more about our solar power solutions, simply contact us or sign up for a free energy efficiency consultation. Or, if you’re ready to take the first step towards going solar, contact us with us online and we’ll visit your home, conduct a site evaluation, and deliver an in-depth analysis and detailed proposal of your residential solar power solution options.

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