Solar panel installation can be performed using a variety of mounting solutions. At EDGE Energy, our professional solar panel installers have mastered each of the solar panel installation mounting solutions described below.

About Our Solar Panel Installation Mounting Solutions

We can perform solar panel installation services using any of the following mounting solutions:


This is the most common mounting method used for residential solar panel installation. We’ll install solar PV panels on your home using the appropriate mounting hardware for your roof. When performing roof solar panel installations, we strategically position the solar panels at the most effective angle for catching sunlight, maximizing the energy generating potential.

Parking lot:

This solar panel installation mounting solution is most commonly appropriate for businesses. We’ll install solar PV panels on the roof of a covered parking lot or carport for home or office use or to power an electric car charging station.


This type of mount is often used for electric highway signs or other equipment on the side of the road. Pole mounting has limited applications for residential solar power solutions and isn’t generally recommended for homeowners. Limited applications exist for remote exterior lighting or security installations.

Which Solar Panel Installation Mounting Solution Is Right For You?

To find out which mounting solution would be most beneficial for you, sign up for a free energy efficiency consultation to discuss your unique needs with one of our energy experts.