Going solar is an important decision and it’s a great investment into your biggest asset — your home or commercial property!

Reduce Your Building’s Energy Use

Although a solar PV system will help you produce electricity, EDGE helps reduce your energy use first through an audit or rating and home upgrades. Reducing your energy usage will allow you to have a smaller, more efficient solar installation.

Save Money and the Environment

Solar systems help you save money on your energy bills and preserve our environment for future generations.

Efficient Pricing

Your project receives the best quality work at an efficient price point. Our excellence is affordable!

Expertise and Care

We care about making your solar solution right for your needs. EDGE has the experience to ensure proper installation and safety. Your family, home, roof and our staff will be protected and taken care of throughout the entire process. We always use safety equipment and pay careful attention to every detail.

Guaranteed Quality

We are confident in our work and offer a warranty on our labor. In addition to the 25-year warranty on our solar products, you can rest assured that solar renewable energy will serve you for years to come.

Continuity and Maintenance

The entire process is handled by one team and led by one of our experienced project managers. You don’t have to worry about paperwork – we handle all permits and do the paperwork involved in creating an SREC income account. We ensure everything is done right and will properly maintain your system.

Solar energy is an effective solution for your power needs. EDGE makes it simple to save money and the environment. Contact us or call (888) 586-3343 to schedule your solar energy consultation today!



Solar power systems are home renewable energy systems that harness the natural power and energy of the sun. Current federal, state, and local energy tax credits make it more affordable now than ever to purchase solar panel installation services and create a solar power solution in your own home.

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Our staff will help you to better understand the different types of solar energy options and services we offer, and how solar energy is used in everyday life throughout the world. We install residential solar applications

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Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight to electricity. Each panel is built to produce a specific wattage of electricity. Connecting these panels together creates a system which can supply power to meet some or all of your home energy needs, reducing your overall energy costs and saving you money.

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