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EDGE Energy has Been Featured on Redfin

Redfin’s blog has recently published an article on how homeowners can reduce their environmental impact of their home. The article titled, “How to Save Energy and Reduce Waste at Home” gives 16 tips and tricks that you can leverage today. Installing LED lights and turning the thermostat two degrees are two easy DIY project homeowners can do.

To have an even greater impact on waste and energy reduction homeowners can schedule a home energy audit, install basic cost-effective retrofits, and integrate a roof solar system. Thankfully, EDGE Energy has got you covered if you do decide to undertake these upgrades. Check out the the Redfin article to learn more on how you can save energy and reduce your waste.

How to Save Energy and Reduce Waste at Home
July 14, 2020 by Julia Weaver
Posted in Featured